The Penny Licks Story

penny licks founder larushka ivan-zadeh

“Ice cream is a joyful thing. It sees you through the good times and the bad. During the dark days of Covid lockdowns, we made lots of ice cream at home. It cheered us up. So we started delivering free tasters to our friends. It made them - and us - very happy.

We have always loved ice cream, from Marine Ices to Mr Whippy. (Our own ‘Ms Whippy’ is made with fresh local milk and a Cadbury’s Flake – you don’t mess with a classic). But the flavours of some brands can be a bit dull and disappointing. In our family adventures around the Kent coast, we felt inspired by the natural, seasonal flavours around us.

Soon we were moving beyond vanilla fudge ripple and cookies & cream to experiment with gooseberries, fig leaves and wild fennel. Making these creations ourselves - from locally sourced, seasonal produce - really made the flavours sing. It’s a taste of the glorious seaside in every lick. So we decided to GO FOR IT - and in July 2021 we hit the road with the Penny Licks bike.”

X Larushka, Tom, Lyra and Merida

penny licks family portrait by danny burrows

(Photo credit: Danny Burrows / Deal Despatch)